Field of Application:

  • Distribution of hydrogen in closed volumes
  • Turbulent Combustion in uniform and non-uniform gas mixtures at different initial pressures
  • Flame Propagation regime, effect of venting and pre-compression in connecting rooms
  • Vented Explosions, Detonations
  • Integrity of Mechanical Structures under detonation pressure loads


  • Thermocouples (gas temperature)
  • Piezoelectric and piezoresistive gauges (pressure)
  • Mass spectrometer, gas flow control (gas composition)
  • Photodiodes, ion probes (gas velocity)
  • Strain gauges (structural deformations)

Technical Details:

  • Cylindrical vessel of 21.5 m^3, internal diameter: 3.3 m, height: 3.1 m
  • Licensed static pressure of 40 bar
  • Temperature: ambient
  • Gas components: Hydrogen, Air, Nitrogen, Oxygen
  • Two vents of 800 mm diameter
  • Gas filling system
  • Data acquisition system
  • Spark / Glow plug for mixture ignition