Flow Test Chamber

Field of Application:

  • Distribution of hydrogen in closed volumes, testing of ventilation system
  • Vented Combustion and Detonation (up to 16 g of hydrogen)
  • Shock wave loads resulting from combustion and detonation events
  • Testing of automotive hydrogen engines


  • Thermocouples (gas temperature)
  • Piezoelectric and piezoresistive gauges (pressure)
  • Mass spectrometer, gas flow control (gas composition)
  • Sonic hydrogen sensors (hydrogen distribution)
  • Photodiodes, ion probes (gas velocity)
  • Visual observations with high speed CCD camera (gas velocity)
  • Strain gauges (structural deformations)
  • Laser displacement sensors, mechanical and visual (structural deformations)

Technical Details:

  • Rectangular chamber of 160 m^3, dimensions: 8.53 x 5.50 x 3.30 m
  • Pressure: ambient
  • Temperature: ambient
  • Gas components: Hydrogen, Air
  • Ventilation system with variable exchange rate
  • Hydrogen inlet with controlled flow rate
  • Hydrogen engines can be tested inside chamber