Transmutation (TRANS)

Research Activities 
Dynamics, Safety and Long-term Behavior of Reactor Systems with Transmutationpotential

  • ADS, Fast Reactors, Molten Salt Reactors, LWR Test Reactors
  • Advanced Fuels
  • Scenarios, Fuel Cycle, Burnup, Radiotixicity, Decay Heat



Multi-physics Code Systems for Safety and Dynamics of Nuclear Systems

  • SIMMER-III and SIMMER-IV Accident Codes for Simulation of Accident Scenarios
  • KIN3D Dynamics for Ultra-short Time-scales Integrated into ERANOS
  • Deterministic Methods (ERANOS, DANTSYS) and Monte Carlo (MCNP)
  • COSI for Scenarios, Strategy Studies and Fuel Cycle, KORIGEN and TRAIN for Longterm
    Phenomena, Burnup, Decay Heat, Radiotoxicity

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First group neutron precursor
redistribution during a loss of
flow accident in a molten salt