Publications 2019

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Publications list

K. Mikityuk, F. Álvarez Velarde, L. Bankhead, E. Bubelis, N. Bukasa Kampata, L. Buligins, B. Carluec, N. Chauvin, C. Demaziere, E. Fridman, N. García Herranz, G. Gerbeth, E. Girardi, N. Girault, M. Gradeck, J. Guidez, W. Hering, J. Krepel, C. Latge, B. Lindley, C. Lombardo, F. Payot, A. Rineiski, E. Schwageraus, A. Seubert, H. Tsige-Tamirat
Horizon-2020 ESFR-SMART project on Sodium Fast Reactor Safety: status after 18 months
9th European Commission Conference on EURATOM Research and Training in Safety of Reactor Systems (FISA-2019), Pitesti, Romania, June 4-7, 2019

K. Mikityuk, E. Girardi, J. Krepel, E. Bubelis, E. Fridman, A. Rineiski, N. Girault, F. Payot, L. Buligins, G. Gerbeth, N. Chauvin, C. Latge, J. Guidez
HORIZON-2020 ESFR-SMART project on Sodium Fast Reactor Safety: status after first 15 months
27th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE27), Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, May 19-24, 2019

J. Guidez, J. Bodi, K. Mikityuk, A. Rineiski, E. Girardi
Status of new safety measures considered for European Sodium Fast Reactor in the ESFR-SMART project
ICAPP 2019 – International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants, Juan-les-pins, France, May 12-15, 2019

M. Margulis, P. Blaise, F. Gabrielli, A. Gruel, F. Mellier, E. Gilad
The Path for Innovative Severe Accident Neutronics Studies in ZPRs-Analysis of SNEAK-12B Experiments for Core Disruption in LMFBRs
Journal Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol. 124, pp. 119-131, February 2019

S. Wang, M. Massone, A. Rineiski; E: Merle-Lucotte, A. Laureau, D. Géradin, D. Heuer, M. Allibert
A Passive Decay Heat Removal System for Emergency Draining Tanks of Molten Salt Reactors
Journal Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 341, pp. 423-431, January 2019

F. Gabrielli, W. Maschek, R. Li, C. Matzerath Boccaccini, M. Flad, S. Gianfelici, B. Vezzoni, A. Rineiski
Probabilistic Evaluation of the Energetic upper bound during the Transition Phase of an Unprotected Loss of Flow Accident for a Sodium Cooled Fast Reactor by Using a Phenomenological Relationship Diagram
Journal Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 341, pp. 146-154, January 2019