Institute for Thermal Energy Technology and Safety (ITES)

mean and rms values

x3 centered  position of mesh cell centers in x_3-direction
x3 stagg.  position of mesh cell surfaces in x_3-direction
u_mean  mean value of velocity component in x_1-direction
u_rms  rms value of velocity component in x_1-direction
v_mean, v_rms  same but for x_2-direction
w_mean, w_rms  same but for x_3-direction
T_mean  mean value of temperature
T_rms  rms value of temperature
p_mean  mean value of pressure
p_rms  rms value of pressure
turbulent kinetic energy
Epsilon  total dissipation of turbulent kinetic energy
Epsilon_T  thermal variance dissipation rate
Reynolds_t  turbulence Reynolds number
Peclet_t  turbulence Peclet number