Institute for Thermal Energy Technology and Safety (ITES)

The Teams at ITES



Energy and Process Engeneering (EVT)

Dr. D. Kuhn

Framatome Professional School (FPS)

Prof. Dr. A. Class

Infrastructure: Workshop and Handling (INFRA)

K. Arheidt, M.Eng.

KArlsruhe Liquid metal LAboratory (KALLA)

Prof. Dr. T. Wetzel

Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD)

Prof. Dr. L. Bühler

Multiphase Flow (MPF)

Dr. St. Gabriel

Severe Accident Research (SAR)

Fr. Dr. X. Gaus-Liu

Accident Management Systems (UNF)

Dipl.-Met. W. Raskob

Hydrogen (H2)

Prof. Dr. T. Jordan