Physical Models

Accelerator Driven Sub-critical System (ADS)

The ADS division is envisaged in the thermal-hydraulic design of accelerator driven sub-critical systems (ADS), cooled by heavy liquid metal, especially lead or lead-bismuth eutectic. The activities are strongly coupled with the international, European and national programs, such as EUROTRANS, MEGAPIE and TRADE. The activities cover three fields:

  • Design of ADS components and systems
  • Development of numerical tools
  • Development of physical models

These three fields are strongly coupled with each other, as indicated in Figure 1. Design of ADS components and systems is the overall objective of the division. For this purpose reliable numerical tools need to be established and applied. The availability and the reliability of numerical tools depend mainly on the physical models used, which obviously require further improvement and development. All activities are tightly coupled with the experimental work in KALLA.


Figure 1: Overview of research activities

Figure 1: Overview of research activities



Heat Transfer
Turbulence Model Development
Inter-Channel Exchange