The Institute for Thermal Energy Technology and Safety (ITES), formerly Institute for Nuclear and Energy Technologies (IKET), is embedded in the Program-oriented Research Field Energy of the Helmholtz Association. It is engaged in the Programs Nuclear Waste Management, Safety and Radiation Research (NUSAFE), Nuclear Fusion (FUSION), Storage Systems and Cross-linked Infrastructures (SCI), Renewable Energies (RE) and Energy Efficiency, Materials and Resources (EMR). The Programs SCI, RE and EMR will be transferred to the two Programs Energy Systems Design (ESD) and Materials and Technologies for the Energy Transition (MTET) in the Program-oriented funding period POF IV from 2021. ITES will make significant contributions to these two new Programs in future. Thus, the Institute faces the challenge of maintaining competence in the field of nuclear safety research on the one hand and of expanding competences and activities in the field of renewable energies in line with the energy transition in Germany on the other hand.

The Institute's research activities support the KIT's contributions to solving global challenges in the field of energy as stated in the umbrella strategy 2025. The shift of the research focus from the nuclear field to issues related to the in future increased use of renewable energies supports the sharpening and updating of the KIT research profile.

At present, ITES makes research contributions to the KIT Energy Center and contributes to teaching at the faculties of “Mechanical Engineering”, “Chemical and Process Engineering” and “Chemistry and Biosciences”.