Energy and Process Engineering (EVT)

Efficient Use of Geothermal Energy

Research Activities

  • Determination of physical properties of mineral water
  • Upgrading / validation of property data for geothermal cyclic processes
  • Investigation of Phenomena on supercritical media
  • Simulation of power plant cycles
  • Investigation of heat transfer in heat exchanger modules
  • Conceptual design and adaption of plant components on mineral water conditions
  • Optimization of geothermal cyclic processes dependent on local conditions applying the mobile test plant MoNiKa
  • Investigation of salt precipitation in mineral and model water


  • Laser optical flow, temperature and species measurements in combustion chambers
  • Porosity and surface measurements of solids
  • Particle size determination and particle distribution
  • Determination of solid concentration in liquids by the use of light absorption
  • Two phase measurement technique

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Precipitation of barite in aqueous solution

Precipitation of barite in aqueous solution