Work at H2 group and success stories

In the hydrogen group, we welcome professionals and students willing to contribute to the development of the shown working topics. This has led to the development of a stretch collaboration with a network of institutions across Germany and Europe, and to the valuable contribution in the research, implementation and coordination of high-level projects. These international projects are mainly framed within the HytecGroup

Project Description
Coordinated supply and further development of outstanding European research infrastructure for hydrogen and fuel cells
Period 2011-2015, with 19 partners and external consultants (BMW, Daimler, Air Liquide, etc.)
Coordination of integration of hydrogen safety expertise. Period 2004-2009, 25 partners from research, academia, and industry (including Air Liquide, BMW, Volvo, etc) 13 Mill € budget and 7 Mill € EC contribution, 120 deliverables presented
Operative contribution to the safety of hydrogen in tunnels and confined spaces, via key experiments for evaluating appropriateness of existing mitigation techniques and strategies.
Period 2019-2021
Key experiments for evaluation of cryo-compressed storage system for automotive and aerospace application, including fire testing and vessel rupture testing, among others.
Period 2009-2011
Coordination for the EU H2FC Pre-normative research project on safe use of liquid hydrogen
Period 2018-2020, 1.8 Mill € budget
Coordination of the EU H2FC development of e-Tools to support education and training related to Hydrogen und Fuel Cells technologies
Period since 2018, partnered with other 7 Universities and software developing experts
Development and optimization of a high-pressure alkaline electrolyzer, oriented to reduce dimension and facility requirements of hydrogen refueling stations.
Period since 2009