MaPLE facility

Magnetohydrodynamic PbLi Experiment

The MaPLE facility consists of a large lead lithium (PbLi) loop and a magnet with a horizontal magnetic field. The magnet is hydraulically supported and can be turned ± 90° and lifted up to 2.1m. The PbLi loop with installed test section can be moved on rails. Test sections can be installed in horizontal, vertical or inclined positions. This allows a good access to the instrumented test section and variable positioning of the experiment within the magnet and different orientation with respect to the gravity.

This facility is capable of performing studies of coupled multiphysics phenomena such as MHD with heat transfer and buoyancy effects in liquid metal flows (free, forced, mixed convection) to determine pressure drop and heat and mass transfer in fusion applications.

Magnet Dipol magnet
Magnetic gap shape Cuboid, open to one side
Space of homogeneous field [mm] L=800, H=150, W=150
Max. field strength [Tesla] 2.0


Liquid metal loop  
PbLi inventory 70 l
Permanent magnet pump • Maximum pressure head: 6 bar
• Maximum flow rate: 7.2 m3/h
• Flow reversal possible
• Operational T<400°C
Heat exchanger 70kW air-cooler