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RODOS - Decision support systems

Decision support systems for emergency management after nuclear or radiological accidents go into operation in case of a real release of radioactive material. Their main task is to collect and evaluate all those data and information in a fast, continuous, comprehensive and consistent manner, which are necessary to take well-founded decisions on emergency actions and countermeasures for the protection of people. Users of decision support systems are all those regional, national and international institutions and organisations responsible for nuclear emergency management in their countries. In Germany, these are the emergency response centres of the Federal States and the Federal Government.

We have been developing the real-time on-line decision support system RODOS for operational use in the national emergency centres of European countries since about 1990. During the European Commission’s 4th Framework Programme terminated in 1999, 40 institutions from 20 countries of the EU, the GUS Republics Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, as well as Poland, Hungary, Czech and Slovak Republic and Romania were involved in the RODOS development. In the participating countries, the RODOS system was installed in its newest prototype version. Main responsibility for the system developments and the co-ordination of the RTD work was with the Accident Consequence Group of the Institute for Nuclear and Energy Technologies (IKET) of Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (now KIT).

The first operational version RODOS PV4.0 for real-time and on-line use in national emergency centres was released at the end of 2000. Together with our European contract partners, we werecontinuously improving and completing the RODOS system within the framework of the Integrated Project EURANOS of the European Commission’s 6th Framework Programme, running until 2009. The work programme has been defined mainly by the feedback received, the experience gained and the needs expressed by the current and future users of the system.

Following an initiative of the German Ministry of Environment (BMU), the hardware and software components of the RODOS system were configured and installed in the premises of the Zentralstelle des Bundes (ZdB) at the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) in Neuherberg near Munich. After the installation and test phases in 2001, the RODOS system is now operationally used by 10 end-users in the Federal States and the Federal Government.

The European Commission has funded the installation of RODOS in national emergency centres of the Slovak Republic and Poland (May 2000), Hungary and Ukraine (end of 2001), Slovenia (end of 2004) and the Czech Republic (mid 2005) within the TACIS, PHARE and ECHO Programmes. The installation of RODOS in Russia, Romania and Bulgaria has been completed.

Moreover, a number of West European countries use the system in their emergency centres. To that purpose, the system has already been installed in Portugal, Spain, Finland, Belgium and the Netherlands. The operation of RODOS in Austria started at the end of 2004.At present the installation in Switzerland is ongoing. Together with the RODOS installation, all necessary network connections to the data providers (monitoring systems, meteorological measurements and prognoses) and the remote users are established.

In order to broaden the co-operation on decision support systems and their future use in emergency centres of European countries, the network of RTD institutes was extended by the inclusion of the current and future users. Within this DSSNET network of 35 partners, supported by the European Commission and co-ordinated by us, the user experiences were commonly evaluated and incorporated in the work programmes for enhancing the decision support systems for practical application in emergency centres. This network wasmaintained within the EURANOS project, operating in particular theRODOS Users Group. In the 7thFramework Programme, the European project NERIS continues the work started in EURANOS focusing on the world wide usage of decision support systems and the establishment of a Platform that attracts all organizations with interest in emergency management and long term rehabilitation in Europe and possibly worldwide.

More details about the status of the RODOS system and its Europe wide installation can be found on our RODOS Web Site

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