Partially Vented Explosion Tube - PET

Programme: European Integrated Hydrogen Project Part II (EIHP-2)

The experimental facility is used to study combustion processes in hydrogen-air-mixtures in partially confined geometries. Especially the interaction between venting and flame acceleration is investigated.

The goal of the "European Integrated Hydrogen Project Part II" is to create the necessary conditions to define legal requirements, which must be fulfilled to bring hydrogen powered vehicles and the associated infrastructure into the European market. A major topic of this project is the safety of such systems. In a comparative study the effects of the new hydrogen fuel in case of an accident is investigated. Combustion experiments with hydrogen air mixtures in prototypical geometries are performed. Comparison with conventional fuels allows to evaluate the potential hazards associated with the new technology.


The evolution of combustion processes is controlled mainly by the complex interactions between chemical reaction, turbulence and venting. The effect of venting is to reduce the driving force for flame acceleration. The shown test facility allows to systematically study the effects of location and size of vent openings on the combustion evolution.