• Set-up, installation of measuring equipment, initial operation, calibration and realization of experimental operation of thermo and fluid dynamic test rigs and circuits in the field of energy and process engineering, liquid metal and molten salt technology, magneto-hydro-dynamics and combustion research
  • Building/space and infrastructure coordination

Electrical engineering

As part of the operation of the ITES experimental facilities, the group provides services to the operators of these facilities in the following areas of expertise:

Measurement and control engineering:

  • Data logging, sensor technology
  • Programming of measurement, control and feedback devices
  • Development of electrical devices and circuits with CAD layouts for PCB production (Printed Circuit Board)
  • Planning and construction of measurement recording equipment for test rigs

Heavy current engineering:

  • Basic installation
  • Provision of electrical supply connections
  • Construction of switch cabinets
  • Connection of electrical devices and machines


  • PLC (programmable logic controllers)
  • Planning and implementation of I&C equipment
  • Planning and realization of power supply
  • Visualization of process diagrams


  • Provision of the required IT infrastructure (PCs, servers, components, software, licenses, etc.)
  • Operation, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Enhacement of the IT concept


As part of the operation of the experimental facilities at ITES, the Group provides services to the operators of these facilities in the following areas of expertise:

Mechanical workshop

  • Fabrication of complicated and complex components for experimental technology in the field of power engineering, thermo and fluid dynamics as well as for material science research tasks with the help of different machines for drilling, turning, milling, sawing, grinding and hardening
  • Assembling of subassemblies and components

Locksmithery and welding

  • Machining of different metals and plastics
  • Fabrication of a wide variety of components using standard welding processes



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