Molten Salt Technologies

Current Research Activities

The research group is specialized in large-scale experiments on the simulation of core melt accidents in GENII, GENIII and GENIV nuclear power plants. The simulant materials and heating methods stress the similarity in approach in prototypic conditions. The main topics are:

  • In-vessel melt behavior of PWR after the relocation of core melt from the core region into the lower head of the RPV in the LIVE test program, including LIVE-3D and LIVE-2D test facility
  • The interaction of the core melt with an in-vessel core catcher in GENIV sodium fast reactors (SFR):
    - Impingement of the core melt jet on the core catcher substrate (JIMEC experiments).
    - Ablation process of the core catcher substrate by the core melt in a modified LIVE test facility (ESFR-LIVE).
  • Molten corium concrete interaction (MCCI) in 3D large-scale geometry in the MOCKA test facility.

Completed Research Activities

  • DISCO (Direct Containment Heating and Fuel-Coolant Interaction)
  • COMET (Development of core catcher concepts based on water addition from below)
  • BETA (Investigation of molten corium concrete interaction, MCCI)
  • KATS (Core melt spreading)
  • ECOKATS (Core melt spreading)
  • KAJET (Erosion of metallic jet and oxide jet on concrete)
  • KAPOOL (Melt-through of a metallic plate by a core melt)

Codes and Modelling


Contact: Ms. Dr. Xiaoyang Gaus-Liu, email: xiaoyang gaus-liu does-not-exist.kit edu