Hydrothermal Reaction Apparatus (HydRA)


Main Components
Technical Data
  • Pressure: up to 420 bar
  • Temperature: up to 250 ° C
  • The two supply lines, the mixing and the reaction zone can be heated separately
  • Mass flow: up to 10 g/min
  • Possibility of adding of the sample fluids by two separate mass flows (e. g. two undersaturated solutions, which are supersaturated after mixing)
  • Automated continuous operation is possible: PLC-monitored control and shutdown when a predefined system status is reached
  • Automated data acquisition of pressures, temperatures and total mass flow
Rock Samples
Pressure Conditions


Pressure Curves
  • Studies on the efficiency of precipitation inhibitors in geothermal water during geothermal use: inhibitor selection, inhibitor concentration
  • Studies on inhibitor-rock interactions: precipitation, dissolution
  • Validation experiments on geochemical modeling
  • Conditioning of rock samples for further investigations (e. g. surface analysis such as SEM, EDX etc.)