System Analysis Code: HERETA

Main features

  • Capability for natural convection cooled systems
  • One-dimensional, incompressible fluids, single phase flows
  • Two boundary surfaces for each control volume
  • Thermal coupling between control volumes
  • High flexibility for user interaction and application extension

Main applications
Design of the integral target test K4T in the KALLA laboratory
Design analysis of the cooling system of spallation targets

With the HERETA code, the geometrical design of the spallation target with 4 MW of proton beam power, which is characteristic for an Experimental ADS Demonstration Facility, is developed. For the target module and the heat removal chain, the main components such as spallation area, heat exchangers and stack are designed. The heat removal chain of a closed spallation target consists of three coupled loops as is sketched in figure. All the three loops are operated under purely natural convection mode. In addition, the HERETA analysis provided basic information for defining the operational procedure of such a target cooling system, e.g. start-up.

Figure 1: Cooling system of an experimental ADS demonstration facility
Figure 1: Cooling system of an experimental ADS demonstration facility

Main references
(1) Neitzel H.J., Knebel J.U., Auslegung eines geschlossenen 4 MW-Targetmoduls mit Wärmeabfuhrsystem für eine ADS-Anordnung, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Rep. FZKA 6687