Utilization of renewable energies

Generating electricity from renewable resources can help meeting some of the future energy needs and significantly reduce emissions in power generation. In addition to the use of photovoltaic, wind, geothermal and biomass, electricity generation from concentrated solar power plants (CSP) is a promising option. The two main pursued technical options of concentrating solar power plants work either by means of parabolic troughs or by means of mirror fields and central towers. In the focus lines or points, respectively, heat transfer fluids are heated. The heat is converted into electrical energy by heat exchangers and conventional steam power processes. The picture shows a solar tower of the solar power plant PS 20 in southern Spain.


Liquid metal technology for concentrating solar thermal power plants

Concentrating solar thermal power plants are a promising option for the use of renewable energies. The incident solar radiation is concentrated by mirror systems and a heat transfer medium is heated at the focal point. Due to the outstanding heat transfer properties of molten metal under these conditions, KArlsruhe Liquid metal LAboratory (KALLA) investigates the application of liquid metal loops for concentrating solar power plants. In particular, pilot studies shall demonstrate how the energy transmission chain (e.g. high temperature receiver and storage) in such a power plant can be technically and economically represented.