Liquid metal-cooled receiver


The investigation of a liquid metal cooled receiver is part of the research for the use of liquid metals as heat transfer fluids in CSP plants. The receiver is operated under comparable conditions as in a concentrating thermal solar power plant with flux densities up to 2.5 MW/m² with eutectic lead bismuth (LBE) as coolant and model fluid. The work will support developing and validating engineering and safety guidelines for liquid metal based CSP components, along with generating operational experience. In dedicated liquid metal loops at KIT, also the corrosion behavior shall be investigated in addition to the thermo-hydraulic processes. Furthermore, the development and testing of components and materials are part of the SOMMER project.



Medium: LBE (Pb45Bi55)
Inventory: ~130 L (1.3 t)
Tubing: 20x2mm (1.4571)
Cover gas: Ar-H2
Temperature: 180°C - 600°C