COM3D ist a highly validated 3D-CFD-Code for simulation of turbulent reactive flows. It has been in constant developing and perfectioning since 1995. COM3D provides fully parallelised 3D solvers for the compressible Navier-Stokes equation, applying an equidistant cartesian grid for complex geometries.

It includes a comprehensive library of explicit solvers (van Leer, Lax-Wendroff, TVD schemes). Regarding thermodynamics, it works with multicomponent mixtures with specific enthalpies and heat capacities based on JANAF tables.

Chemical modelling is based on Eddy Break-Up, presumed as a b-function of probability density. Turbulence is modelled using the standard k-e, RNG (Renormalization Group Theory), LES, among others.

Platforms: vectorised/parallelised for Cray, IBM (SP3, RISC), Fujitsu-Siemens VPP, Linux-Clusters.

COM3D applications include:

  • COM3D Simulation of a hydrogen combustion beneath a FC car
  • COM3D: Typical validation 2 blind large-scale RUT facility simulations
  • COM3D calculation of pressure wave evolution during detonation

For further information, please refer to the official COM3D website.