Institute for Thermal Energy Technology and Safety (ITES)

Decision support for emergency preparedness

Since 2010, our group develops and performs research on methods and tools for decision support for emergency preparedness. The work focuses on the protection of critical infrastructure and the management of major incidents.

Critical infrastructure (CI) such as electricity, water and food supply, information and telecommunications technology or the transport system is essential for the functioning of a modern society.

The operators of critical infrastructure, the authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS) are facing the following challenges

  • how to maintain safe operation also in emergency situations
  • what are the effects of breakdowns and impairments on society, industry and economy
  • how to avoid and minimize the above mentioned effects
  • how to restore a collapsed supply in the best possible way.

Failures and impairments of critical infrastructure can reach the extent of complex large-scale emergencies. The difficulty for the decision maker team can be seen in particular in the introduction of appropriate measures and coordination with other security actors.
An IT-based decision support tool is intended to provide suggestions for measures to minimise negative impacts, to cope with failures and to support inter-agency collaboration. In this respect, methods, such as the multi-criteria analysis, system dynamics, scenario technique, multi-agent simulation and case-based reasoning will be developed in close cooperation with potential end users. This includes as one central point the development of a knowledge database that contains historical events and scenarios.


SECURITY2People (Secure IT-Based Disaster Management System to Protect and Rescue People)


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