GASFLOW is highly verified and validated, reliable 3D-CFD-Software for simulation of gas and dust mixing/distribution. GASFLOW solves the Navier-Stokes-equations

  • on Cartesian or cylindrical grids
  • in complex, multiconnected rooms
  • accounting for heat transfer with solid structures
  • including condensation and evaporation and
  • radiation

GASFLOW provides models for special risk mitigation technologies like

  • inerting, passive autocatalytic recombiners, igniters and
  • water sprays

Provides professional interfaces for user input and output for post processing

Implementation in Fortran 90 on Linux based systems (e.g. Cray, Fujitsu, IBM, NEC, HP, PC clusters etc.)

Notable examples of GASFLOW implementation can be found within the following papers:

For further information, please refer to the official GASFLOW-MPI website.